Retail Finance

Secure a loan based on your future credit and debit card sales

For businesses in the retail sector, getting access to alternative sources of finance has historically been difficult because of its cash sale nature. With the vast majority of business transacted with the general public, the doors often stay closed unless there is some tangible security to back things up.

Help is at hand however as Cashflow Finance can now access funding for retailers based on future credit and debit card sales. So, if you run a restaurant, hair salon, florists shop or even an MOT/repair workshop for example, the volume of your credit/debit card sales could secure a quick, short-term cash injection to cover anything from VAT payments and stock purchases, to premises refurbishment and marketing campaigns.

How it works

Repayments are based on a percentage of future credit and debit card sales and so your Card Processor will need to be in the loop too, as they will divert the agreed amounts directly to the lender on a monthly basis. The easiest way to illustrate the mechanics is by a simple example:*

  • A garden centre takes £12,000 a month on credit/debit cards and needs £8,000 to revamp its café.
  • Lender agrees and sets the repayment at 14% of future credit card sales based on a 6 month term.
  • Total repayment comes to £10,080 inclusive of fees.

The term of the loan is obviously based on historical data and as such it is acknowledged that credit and debit card receipts can be variable month-to-month. Retailers who experience some bumper months will repay quicker, whilst any below average months will result in a slightly longer term. The above example requires £72,000 of credit card sales to achieve total repayment.

Although these loans are short term in nature, retailers can apply for a renewal or top up once the existing agreement is well established.

Interested retailers will need to fulfil some basic qualifying criteria, such as a minimum length of trading, and provide historic PDQ/merchant statements. References will also be taken from the terminal provider and approval will be subject to minimum monthly transaction volumes. If your business ticks all the boxes required by the lender however, the process is fast and simple.


  • Quick decisions and a flexible way of avoiding bank loans, using personal cash or diluting equity.
  • Repayments based on a percentage of card sales and not a fixed monthly amount.
  • Clarity in respect of costs – the amount you repay is set on day one.
  • No impact on existing borrowing facilities.
  • Subsequent advances available part way through the facility.

So, the retail sector can at last access some alternative finance and Cashflow Finance the specialist finance broker are on hand to offer advice and support and to help you improve your cashflow.

 * Figures are for illustration purposes only - rates and repayment terms will vary according to circumstances.