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Construction subcontractors – bankers to the big boys?

In these days of economic uncertainty it’s quite interesting when pulling into a London train terminal to view the numerous cranes and new buildings changing the city skyline almost on a weekly basis. What is also interesting is just who is paying for all of these construction projects? If the recent news buzz surrounding the …

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As the government launches a new initiative to help exporters – the ABL industry has been doing it for years!

Borrowing ideas seems to be in vogue at the moment, what with Mrs May looking to govern by some form of cross-party consensus and Mr Corbyn sending her a copy of the Labour election manifesto, some people might be led to believe that the country could end up with the best bits of all current …

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Strawberry Fields

On a topical note, tennis lovers may find a marked increase in the price of a portion of strawberries at Wimbledon in coming years depending on the permitted movement of EU nationals. The Kent supplier to the tournament is among many growers who fill the seasonal places not wanted by UK workers with casual labour …

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